This quick promo video announced the launch of a new project for The Sanctuary London. These pastors (Jamie is co-owner of Paton Bros. and does a lot of charity work the rest of his week) have been traveling back and forth to Rwanda since 2008 to partner with a community there. The aim of this project is to make their presence in the community a permanent partnership, by building a home and a school to address specific needs they have witnessed these past years.

This was a pro bono project myself and a co-shooter (Brendan Danielson) put together overnight for Jamie and Heather to make this announcement. Brendan and I both shot with Nikon DSLRs , one with a 1.8mm prime lens and the other with a 18-200mm lens. Some of the lower-quality footage came from iPhone footage previous teams had taken during their time in Rwanda.

Rwanda School project unveil video
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