Project: The Helm is The Navigators’ intranet system. The motivation for creating this site came from a recognition that within the Navigator culture, there needed to be a greater degree of interaction between the teams across Canada. Due to the nature of the staff’s work, which focuses on the immediate, real-life needs surrounding them, there was a natural tendency to not prioritize computer work. The Navigator leadership also recognized the need to easily share files and access important work networks.

I was tasked with proposing solutions in the form of an intranet system, which later became the Helm. The Helm is protected behind a secure login and contains a profiling system that serves as the official national address book. It is also part of the HR system, connects staff to their fundraising data, as well as to organizational departments to access the resources they need to do their jobs to the best of their abilities.

My role in this project was to lead the development team in the design and testing of the user interface/user experience, as well as managing the look and feel of the site. I was responsible for connecting with leadership to set goals for engagement and features. I headed up a team of three (2 developers and myself as the PM and designer) and trained six department heads on their responsibilities regarding the Helm, in addition to communicating with all of the staff across Canada to transition them into getting online. Our development team consisted of Rich Wilton, The Navigators’ webmaster, and Alex Beemer, who did the initial programming for all the social elements of the homepage.

The Helm – Navigator Intranet
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