Whistler 2014

This conference was a huge undertaking. A couple co-workers and I were brought on to the team late in the process, resulting in many late nights to meet the team’s goal of producing a world-class Navigator conference. I worked as the design lead in the build-up to the conference, served as stage manager while there, and then worked to help get the recorded resources from the conference out afterwards. Below are a few elements from the conference:

Initial Branding pitches

As often as I can, I come to meetings with some designs prepared, ready to continue creating as the meeting progresses based on the feedback and discussions. It often amazes me how far a project can develop when you spend time listening carefully to the people commissioning the project. The first set of logos were designed based on the criteria given to me for the project: The conference title was to be “Entos” (the Greek word for “among”) and they had a number of tag lines they were fleshing out as I designed, so they wanted to see several options.

The second set of logos I developed was in response to how the staff were referring to the conference as “the Whistler Conference” rather than “Entos”. The team all agreed that “Whistler 2014” was more descriptive and more conducive to building excitement. The tagline and final design was chosen by the Navigator leadership and conference team.

Final look for the conference


This was the base look for all the media at this conference. Place settings, conference folders, giveaways and vortex banners, powerpoint slides, motion graphics and more had this look and feel. The volunteers had blue shirts with the Whistler logo, and the conference freebies were either branded in this style or with the traditional Navigator look to get our name out further. You can still purchase many of these items online.

Stage Managing

The back-of-house control room. I enjoyed this immensely.

Video resources of breakout sessions

Here is an example of the video resources developed after the conference. Ron Page is a Navigator and professional counselor who led one of the breakout sessions at this conference. Throughout the week there was a team of people filming these sessions, including two volunteers from B.C., myself and Brendan Danielson, the Navigators’ communications correspondent. The motion graphics were developed by Alex Beemer

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UMkjpYO3dE&w=560&h=315]

We also took photos throughout the conference. You can see them on the Navigators Flickr page

Whistler 2014 Conference

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